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LCR&PC Annual General Meeting (2021-22)

Wednesday 23rd February 2022 @ 8:00PM

Venue: Room 7 (above the café), Lewsey Centre

Dear members,
Please try to attend if at all possible as amongst other things, we will be discussing how the club will move forward in light of updates from Luton Borough Council, regarding upgrading the range to comply with current MOD standards.

If anyone wishes to propose anyone for any of the positions on the committee please email the Club Secretary david.holcombe@ntlworld.com

Regards David Holcombe, LCR&PC Secretary


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Approve the minutes of the last AGM
  3. Matters arising
    a. Update on the Lewsey Range
    b. Operation of the club moving forward
  4. Receive and approve the reports of the Committee
    a. Treasurers Report
    b. Secretaries Report
    c. Membership Secretary / Police Liaison Report
    d. Bisley Secretaries Report
    e. Safety Officers Report
    f. Competition Secretaries Report
    g. Club Website Report
  5. Any other business
  6. Election of club officers

The agenda for 2022's AGM can be viewed and printed on this link - AGM Agenda 2021

Post Lockdown Progress Update

Dear member
Firstly, regarding the Lewsey Centre range please see the latest update from Nazia Hussain from the Counci.

Good Morning,
Hope you are well. Below is an update in regards to the rifle range at Lewsey Community Centre:

The existing extraction system has been inspected by an independent company and unit falls short of the current requirements, therefore it has been de-commissed and needs to be replaced. We are waiting for a design, quotation and funding approval.

There is also no fresh air inlet into the rifle range area and this a requirement of H&S regulations, so again we are waiting for a design, quotation and funding approval.

I do not envisage any of these works will be completed ready for you to open before Christmas 2021. I fully understand this is not what you want to hear or expecting. Please be assured we will keep you informed and if we can improve on this time-line then we will.

Thanks, Nazia.

On another note the Bisley section will be meeting on Sunday the 31st of October at Bisley’s Melville range (details of Melville and Bisley’s address below) and would like to extend an invitation for any club members to attend without having to join the Bisley section although you will be required to be supervised on a one to one basis. Melville is a 10m to 50m range suitable for small calibre and gallery rifles including airguns. It is a covered range with the targets outdoors (think big shed with one side open). We have hired an entire bay which consists of 10 firing points, so everyone should be able to shoot to their hearts content. We have provisionally hired the range for both AM (8:30am to 12:30PM) and PM (1:30PM to 4:00PM) sessions cost will be £10 per session. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in attending either or both sessions by emailing Gary Fensome our Bisley Secretary.


NRA Bisley
Bisley Camp
GU24 0PB

Regards David.

David Holcombe
Hon. Secretary & Membership Secretary

Guntrader Hacked and Personal Details Stolen

Guntrader has been hacked and personal data on certificate holders has been leaked on the “Dark Web”, although its being played down it is quite serious as if you have ever used Guntrader to sell or buy a firearm they may have your details, most worryingly including possibly your address and phone numbers. So be extra vigilant if you see anyone hanging around and be careful if anyone phones you regarding firearms make sure they are who they purport to be. Also be careful if you go searching for information on this as apparently many of the dodgier sites on the internet have added malware and viruses to their supposed articles on this.

Also worrying is the fact that Guntrader also operate an online firearms database for RFD’s to manage their stock, transactions and police notifications and apparently this too has been stolen although how complete the information actually stolen is is unknown.


More technical details for those who wish to know.


Yours extra cautiously.

David Holcombe - Club Secretary

Hodgdon 777 Reclassified

Hodgdon 777 powder which many of us use for black powder firearms has been reclassified and now comes under the same regulations as black powder itself, i.e. you will require an Explosives Certificate.

I believe that if you already have some 777 you are OK you just need to jump through the hoops when you need some more, but not sure about storage of current supplies?

There is a link below to the page on Henry Krank’s website that details all the procedures.


From what I understand it is most important that when you apply for an Explosives Certificate you have the correct UN number for 777 (UN0499), you can apply for an Explosives Certificate by downloading and completing form ER4A from the Firearms Licencing website.

You will also need to purchase an HSE compliant black powder storage box, this will probably also require a visit from your FEO to check where you intend to site the box (it can be complicated, depending on your FEO).

You can still use Hodgdon Pyrodex without an explosives Certificate. However, note that Pyrodex is very similar to black powder in that any gun you use it in will need to be cleaned as soon as possible after shooting unless you want to be left with a pile of rust!

Note that although that it is now the same procedure as buying black powder most if not all indoor ranges do not allow.

All the best.

David Holcombe - Club Secretary

NRA Safety Notice

Incidents involving hand loaded ammunition

The NRA recognises that hand loaded ammunition may perform more consistently than factory rounds and is widely used by members striving to improve marksmanship; also it may be the only source of ammunition for historic or uncommon calibres. A large number of hand loaded rounds are fired every year without incident throughout the UK.

Unfortunately ammunition incidents do occur and in recent weeks two members have sustained significant injuries as a result of breech explosions.  Technical investigations are ongoing; the initial evidence suggests the underlying cause in both incidents was a failure of hand loaded ammunition. In one incident it appears that an under charged case caused a gross pressure spike. The likely cause was inadequate control and assurance process in the assembly of the ammunition. 

The NRA advises that hand loaded ammunition should only be produced in accordance with up to date load data published by a reputable source. Equipment including presses, measuring tools etc. should only be used in accordance with the manufacturers operating instructions.  Training is important; the NRA provides a hand loading course with an emphasis on safety.   

Members are reminded that a key element of the NRA Safe Shooting System is Safe Equipment; the individual is responsible for ensuring that his/her firearm is serviceable and the combination of firearm and ammunition is safe.  The NRA Rules Appendix VI detail the responsibilities of individual shooters using hand loaded ammunition. 

The 2021 NRA Handbook is available to download here https://nra.org.uk/all-downloads/nra-handbooks/

David Holcombe - Club Secretary

Show support for the running of a home office approved rifle range and business

Please help the shooting community stand for what is being taken away from us, the ability to safely practice our sport without persecution.

Follow this link for more information and to sign the petition: http://chng.it/K7XR4k5njw

David Holcombe - Club Secretary

FAC Holder Robbed of Firearm - Police Advice

Following a recent very nasty robbery, the Metropolitan Police have asked all the major National Governing Bodies of shooting to circulate advice.  The NRA earnestly requests its members to accept and follow the advice, and to pass it on to other firearm owners.

On Saturday 5th September 2020 a firearm certificate holder advertised a gun for sale on GunStar, one of the well-known sites for sales of lawfully owned guns. The advert was answered by two men and the holder arranged for a meeting at his home address. He invited the potential “buyers” into his home where he showed the gun and his certificate. Sadly what happened next would have been a shock to any person. The “buyers” were in fact criminals who proceeded to hold the certificate holder at knife point, tie him and his wife up and then instruct him to load the gun for them. They then left the household, leaving the holder bound.

The police ask us to remind firearms owners that there are criminals who are also reviewing sites like GunStar. It is easy to assume, incorrectly, that purported buyers have the same enthusiasm for the sport as they do. This is not always the case.

To reduce risk of another such crime, the police offer the following, and ask for our assistance to make crimes of this type more difficult to perpetrate and with joint effort, avoid a repetition.  They emphasise this is advice; it is not guidance or regulation, and is provided to suggest options:

  • Try to check certificates prior to any meeting. A genuine buyer should not object to, for instance, sending an electronic image of their certificate.  That includes a photograph of the holder which can be compared with the person at the door, before any entry is allowed into the home.
  • Try to complete a sale away from your home. At home, a criminal has access to the entire contents of your safe; a better location may be at your local shooting club as more people will be present. This may be the deterrent needed to prevent the criminal brazen behaviour.  
  • Advertise locally within your club environment rather than online.
  • Ideally use an RFD as a conduit for sale. This is by far the safest option, and while the cost is understood, the risk to holder is entirely negated.

This robbery was shocking for the holder.  The police ask for our help to prevent any further, similar incidents.

This article is taken from the National Rifle Association website - https://nra.org.uk/fac-holder-robbed-of-firearm-police-advice/

Shooting Under Covid-19 Restrictions

The club is now back shooting at Bisley with some social distancing restrictions, Bisley members will be contacted by Gary regarding dates and procedures as normal. However, it is unlikely we will be back at the Lewsey Centre in the short term due to Luton not being able to implement the easing of restrictions planned for the 1st August and that the range ventilation and extraction does not meet current requirements for indoor shooting under Covid-19 restrictions.

No doubt many members are wondering what will happen with regard to the subscriptions which have been paid for this year but which they have been unable to take advantage of due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The Committee’s proposal is to wait until we know how long it will be before Lewsey Centre is available for use again. At that point we will be able to work out how much of each member’s subscription has been held in abeyance and we would propose to make a corresponding reduction in the amount charged for next year’s subscription or other possible alternatives which would need to be discussed so that there is a majority agreement, possibly at an EGM.

David Holcombe - Club Secretary

Hunting Mark by Loyal Brezney

My name is Loyal, and I have been writing and reviewing shooting products, as well as how-to projects for the past 50 years. I have authored 4 books on shooting with 3 on long range, and 1 covering shotgunning.

Currently, I am leading the HuntingMark.com

Loyal Brezney

Ruger 10/22 Magazine Holders by Brian Briggs

Hi, I 3D print Ruger 10/22 holders for 2 and 3 magazines and was wondering if any of of your members were interested in purchasing these for their rifles.

The cost is £10 plus postage for the 2 mag holder and £12 plus postage for the 3 mag holder. 

I have attached photos for you to look at.

These have been tested on the range I shoot at.

Contact Brian at skupuk@yahoo.co.uk

Brian Biggs

Lewsey Centre and Club Range Closed
due to COVID-19

Please be aware that due to Government legislation regarding social distancing as a result of the Corona virus, Lewsey Community Centre, and therefore the club range, will be closed until further notice.

All club bookings are now cancelled with no end date as yet, the Community Centre will contact us when they are ready to start accepting club bookings again.

We will keep members informed of any further developments.

LCR&PC at Bisley

Thanks to Ian Fisher for shooting and editing this video of LCR&PC's visits to Bisley during 2013 and the Turkey shoot in December at our range.


Lewsey Centre Rifle and Pistol Club based in Luton, Bedfordshire, provide range facilities for its members. Shooters of pistol and rifle whether air, small bore, full bore pistol calibre and muzzle loading disciplines are very welcome.

The club also holds regular shoots at the NRA in Bisley sheltered 25/50yds and outdoor 100 to 1,000yds ranges, where we also shoot full bore rifle calibres.

Children under the age of 18 are welcome with their parent in attendance.

Click here to download the Points for New Members PDF document.

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On your first visit to the club, ask at the Lewsey Community Centre reception desk for directions to the club range as it is not easy to find.